An Italian abroad

The Times They Are A-changin

Wow. What can I say? It’s been definitely a long time. Lots of things have changed. People that used to be very important turned out to be absolutely obsolete.

Things that needs to be mentioned which have happened since last post (over 4 years ago):

  • I have moved several times, from apartments to houses and from houses to apartments
  • I have changed jobS (even though I am still looking for the dream job, which ideally would involved me taking pictures of others: other people, other things, other places)
  • I broke off an engagement
  • In February of 2013 I joined the local roller derby team of Cork (Cork City firebirds)
  • In March 2014 have left Cork and moved to the capital, Dublin and I got to be very lucky still playing Derby with the amazing Boomtown Rollers (this post is slowly assuming the form a CV! Scary!)
  • Last June Big D. moved to Dublin too but most importantly we moved in together (wink wink)
  • Just over 2 months ago I started therapy. I suffer of what is fancily defined as “post-traumatic stress disorder”. I grew up in a dysfunctional, violent and abusive environment due to alcoholism. I am what I am because of it and have to learn to deal with it instead of suppressing it.

I think that would pretty much sums it up. See again you in 2018 (wink wink).


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